the tortoise

For as long a I can remember, I’ve been known in my family as ‘impatient.’ Please know it’s not people my impatience is about. You are safe- stay along for the ride and hear me out. I take time to slow down for people- to listen, to care, to smile. I love hearing stories – I love soaking in what you have to say, why you behave the way you do, what you love and hate. I find people insanely interesting. In fact, my kids laugh that I love to go to our local Kroger because I love to engage with some real characters who work there. People fascinate me.

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I’m affected today by an event that happened yesterday. Another great icon- gone. Another artist.

The fashion world won’t be the same- ever.

Bill Cunningham.

It’s been a rough string of losses in my near memory: Robin Williams, David Bowie and Prince. I was teary over all three and deeply, deeply affected by the pain of Robin’s death and the loss of one of my all-time favorite artists in Prince. These three were truly unique individuals, never to be recreated in any way. The world lost some soul when these individuals moved on.

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why orange?

Why orange?

Why is it so many American home interiors are white or beige? Why is it that realtors staging homes choose neutrals colors to ‘be safe’ and appease a broader audience? It drives me crazy! Are we trying to fit in? Are we afraid? Is it because beige is thought to equal calm and feel safe?

Look around you. Nature, the best design of all, is full of color.

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