IMG_3281.jpgMIDMODIST. It’s what I love. Break it down MID (as in Midcentury) MOD (as in modern) IST (as in follower).

Curator of mid-century modern design.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved circles. The circle is a perfect shape – a never-ending line forming a neat, balanced, unifying feeling. The egg – similar to a circle is-nature’s finest creation. I have a thing for geometry. Geometric shapes are balanced and clean. There is a simplicity that draws me in. And that has been my draw to mid-century modern design.

Mid-century design is built on the relationship of the outdoors with the indoors, the flow of a space, the clean, uncluttered look, the use of natural materials. I’m in. The flow, the lines, the geometry, the light.

Mid-century design has had a resurgence and I’m thrilled!

I would like to share with you my projects, my design inspiration, houses I come across and anything else that has a mid-century-ness about it.