It was the Poppin file cabinet that caught my eye–a nice shade of mint, a clean white, rounded corners–it was not your ordinary gunmetal grey with no personality.

It was also time for me to set up shop–to own a space in our house for my business. Where? We’ve been intentional in design to utilize every square inch. Or so we thought.

What do closets really do–store your stuff? What if your stuff isn’t serving a purpose? What if your stuff is just sitting there taking up space and hasn’t been touched in years? What if there was a better way to make use of the space. These are questions I ask my clients, so why not challenge my own thinking in my own home?

Time to repurpose.

I wanted the space to be peaceful and tidy and set the stage for me to be productive. The color green is supposed to encourage productivity, or so they say. I’m also kind of a turquoise freak. Soft turquoise and soft mint–sounds great!

A little paint.

Getting there.

Continuity within a house is a design must. I love the birch cabinet doors in our kitchen, the way they look so clean and light. That would be a great desk surface as well, and help to tie the first floor with the second–a repeating element. What would I do without my stepdad? He managed to have this ready for me within a week.

Come inside the completed office.

My mom had just given me this adorable vintage Midcentury Modern desk lamp before the concept of this office took hold. I’m thinking it looks even more adorable in this context. The $25 Menards vintage-style radio lets me jam to some tunes from my iphone while I create.

On a recent trip to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art, NYC) I fell in love with the scribble placemats and coasters. One for under my ipad, one under my coffee mug. Perfect. Some may think desk accessories don’t matter- they are there for utility. For me, I find the details inspiring. Every element is intentional and makes me happy. You may be able to squint and see a tall blade of grass in my pen holder. That was a MoMA purchase as well, but then of course I had to order 12 more from China (not proud) to create a full grass patch. They still aren’t here–months later….on the boat. Maybe I’ll receive them some day?

Isn’t it said that people are drawn to comfortable spaces? (Or maybe I just made that up?) Well, they are. And here is the proof. My kids seem to gravitate to MY desk when I’m not there. I’ll share, because this is what seems to be left behind.

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