macaroni and cheese?

The bath/laundry room in our lower level was the color of Kraft macaroni and cheese when we moved in. With the cheese came a free standing round telephone booth (remember telephone booths?) as a shower. It was all rather hideous. I wish I had a before photo of the bathroom before demolition, but it was just too ugly to shoot (or that’s my justification for forgetting to take a ‘before’ shot).

Here it is with the walls removed.

If you look carefully, you can see the telephone booth shower tucked in the corner. The washer, dryer and utility sink were exposed to the rest of the bathroom just as you see here. The water meter sat just under the window and it too was visible. We could have no more of any of that!
Originally, there were two small rooms (one for the bathroom and the other a cinderblock storage closet). One wall was removed to combine the spaces, creating a slightly larger bathroom with an adjoining walk-in closet.
The shower came out and the plumbing reworked to shift the toilet over to expand the shower footprint. What a mess, all the way back to dirt.
I had dreams of a curved call, no door shower. It was time to put this into action.
Next step- drywall.

Getting there. The water meter, washer and dryer are enclosed in the walled off are to the right.

Determining what to put under the laundry shoot to catch the clothes was proving to be a challenge. Not only did we not want an ugly laundry basket sitting out, the space is also quite tight. I determined that a Modesto planter was the perfect solution. Sculpture-like, colorful AND practical. Incidentally, it came with a false bottom (who would want to fill that entire planter with dirt?!) so I had to get out a saw (there is always a way!) to open up the space.

Photo by Bob Foran

A glass block wall serves as the privacy divider between the bathroom and adjacent walk in closet. It is also in keeping with MCM design and mimics one other glass block wall in our house. You know, need to repeat the elements for continuity and flow.

Completed. Photo by Bob Foran


Penny round tiles in white

IKEA Storjorm vanity mirror with built-in light

IKEA Godmorgon vanity in Grey Gloss

Cloud toilet paper holder

Umbra soap dispenser in Surf Blue

Caroma toilet

Blomus towel bar, hooks and toilet paper dispenser

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